Help us understand and strengthen our food security on Hawaii Island


Hope you all are doing well. Will you help us help the Food Access Needs Assessment? It’s a survey on food insecurity on the island by the County of Hawaii. They are trying to better understand who on the island is impacted by food insecurity, why, and what impact it has on their lives. It also serves as recruitment for focus groups, where we hope to hear people’s perspectives on how they’d like to see food systems evolve across the island and in their communities. Both of these pieces will ultimately inform a food plan for the whole island. SPACE is a great place to help connect the community. Please take 5 min to fill out this survey, There is a $100 opportunity to participate in a food security group at the end of the survey. And the impacts of the survey will help fund amazing projects to continue strengthening our community food access.

Here’s the printable English copy:

Print and share this Poster Here!

Here’s the link to the online survey (currently available in English, Ilocano, Marshallese, Spanish, and Tagalog):

Survey Here

Or point your camera at the QR code in this photo.

Thank you for helping us make this island a delicious and healthy place to live!

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