No Place Like Home

A Mixed-Media Collage and Painting Workshop exploring our ROOTS and ROUTES to a place we call ‘Home’. 

A 2-day workshop at SPACE

Dates: Sunday, February 4th & Sunday, February 11th

Time: 1pm – 4pm

Embark on a creative journey!

Combined with talk-story, we will use paint and collage to make art as a way to better understand our connection to what home is for each of us individually, and collectively. 

Where were our past homes? How did we arrive at our homes now? Have you uprooted or grown roots along the way? 

Through visual creations you will capture the intricate connections between your roots and the varied paths influencing your sense of belonging. Let your imagination soar, revealing the beauty in a theme that goes beyond traditional ideas of home

Come co-create in this artistic exploration, where each color, brush mark, shape, and line narrates tales of heritage, identity, and the distinctive journeys guiding us back to our origins. 

Have fun! No experience necessary. All levels welcome! 

Led by experienced Hawaii based artists/art teachers Abbie Rabinowitz and Rachel Orr.

Art materials are included.
However, students are encouraged to bring magazine, prints, photos, maps or related images of past or current ‘homes’ to include in their art creations. 

Please pre-register with Abbie at  

Suggested donation: $25

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